I am a staff scientist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) working in the Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit.

I develop and apply data integration and analysis methods to extract biological knowledge from large scale image data sets and multi-omics data.

One of the cool projects I am involved in is building a canonical model of a human mitotic cell to integrate data from different experiments. You can read more about it in our bioRxiv pre-print and browse the mitotic cell atlas online.

Before working for the Cell Biology and Biophyics Unit, I worked in:

My current interests revolve around:

  • Integration and mining of dynamic biological data
  • Image-based systems biology
  • Bioimage informatics
  • Systems biology of mitosis

Word cloud representation of PubMed abstracts of my publications (before 2016):

Also on Google scholar

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Some useful perl modules I have written (hosted on GitHub):

Notes from the EMBL workshop on data integration and mining with graphs:

Jean-Karim Hériché
Cell Biology & Biophysics Unit
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
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